It is surprising to learn that not only do 73% of advisors not have a written succession plan but that 60% of those planless advisors are within 5 YEARS of retiring. Yikes!

Succession planning is a big deal. You’ve spent your professional life building this business. Not only are you looking for a reward at the end of the race, but you also want to see the fruits of your labors continue on after you pass off the baton. A solid branding strategy that is working towards succession will enable this vital aspect of your career to go more smoothly.

In this broadcast, we will cover a few ways that you can add REAL VALUE to your advisory by focusing on your brand. Here are a few of the benefits you can expect to see if you incorporate these principles:

  • A tangible representation of your advisory’s audience and influence.
  • A strong client relationship built through consistent value-based content marketing.
  • Turnkey strategic best practices your successor can continue to run.
  • Brand representation expressed through multiple platforms, content streams, and a personalized website.
  • Inspiration for the right employee to step up and take the reigns.

A big part of this broadcast will cover strategies for taking intangible aspects of your brand and turning them into tangible brand artifacts. These elements will be real data points that a potential successor will consider when evaluating your business.