Turn Your Content Marketing Into a Conversation

Do you sometimes feel like your marketing content is going out into a big black hole? Do you sometimes wonder if anyone is even listening? Without engagement, content marketing can become discouraging and confusing. In order to understand how you are doing, how effective you are being and what you should do next, you need to start a conversation.

When content marketing stops being a one-way street, not only does it become more effective, it also becomes way more fun!

In this broadcast, CEO of FMG Suite, Craig Faulkner, has a conversation with you about how to have a conversation with everyone else.

He’ll talk about:

* How to use triggers and automation to become a better listener.

* How to develop a point of view for your brand that fits your unique value proposition.

* How to develop an authentic voice for your business.

* How to invite your ideal clients to engage in discussion.

* The best strategies for managing the time and energy you spend responding.

We are excited to continue the conversation with you!

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