The Fundamentals of Social Marketing for Financial Advisors


Marshall McLuhan famously said, “The medium is the message”. Even though he died 24 years before Facebook was originally founded, his words perfectly describe the way that social platforms have affected the way we communicate. When it comes to your marketing strategy it is important to understand more than just how to write an interesting tweet. You need to understand the fundamentals.

In this exhaustively researched broadcast, we are going to explore exactly how social communication affects your brand message and how you can take advantage of this symbiotic relationship in order to find new clients, engage with existing ones, and grow your advisory.

Some of the fundamentals we will be covering in this broadcast include:

  • The importance of your audience curation and how to reach the people who most want to hear what you have to say
  •  The practical aspects of managing a social strategy and how you can plan for success without breaking the bank
  • How to plot a course for success through a social media audit and subsequent goal setting session
  • How your social communication feeds into a sales funnel and the elements necessary to move prospects towards engagement
  • How to infuse your social marketing with genuine engagement so not only will your audience enjoy their experience, you will too!


We work hard to bring you broadcasts that transcend simple product advertisements and deliver real valuable insights that lead to actionable insights for you and your business. We are confident this broadcast will meet that goal.

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