How to Create Your Unique Branding Strategy

Service professionals seeking to establish themselves in the market know how important branding is. Branding is about more than a cool logo and well-designed letterhead; it is about quickly and dynamically communicating your value to prospects and clients.

Join Craig Faulkner as he shows you exactly how to create a solid brand strategy that will allow you to:

• Determine your ‘Unique Value Proposition’
• Craft a ‘Brand Message’ using language that reflects your values
• Use simple design elements to communicate your brand identity
• Connect with clients and prospects to validate your brand positioning

We will also be offering Branding Labs, separate video tutorials that take a closer look at each of the exercises in the presentation to help you develop more actionable strategies.

Viewers can also download our free interactive workbook, “The Three Keys to Your Unique Brand Strategy” where we provide valuable marketing assets and step-by-step instructions on how to put the concepts you learn in the broadcast into action.

If you’ve ever felt like you need to discover your brand or even if your brand just needs some fine-tuning, this video broadcast is for you.

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