Real World Marketing Strategies for Financial Advisors

At FMG Suite, we combine elegant marketing technology and remarkable content to provide financial advisors the ability to market powerfully. But how can you put this powerful asset to work?

In this broadcast, Craig Faulkner, CEO of FMG Suite, interviews two individuals who understand the real-world application of using an automated marketing technology. As Craig chats with FMG Suite’s Chief Product Officer, Dave Christensen, and financial advisor and FMG Suite user, Deb Sims, you’ll learn:

  • How to set up an automated email campaign to introduce new prospects into your sales funnel.
  • Why video content is so crucial in converting casual viewers into serious investigating opportunities.
  • Why social networking could be the one thing that takes you to the next level in your marketing.
  • How real life events can take your marketing effort to a new level.

Along with learning new marketing strategies you can start implementing right now, you’ll receive an accompanying whitepaper, “10 Ways to Get Real With Your Marketing.”

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