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Are you interested to know what’s the number one strategy for retaining clients, generating leads, and providing a trackable return on your marketing investment? It’s no secret. It is a strategy called Relationship Marketing, and it could completely change your advisory’s AUM.

Relationship Marketing is more than just trying to be friends with your clients. It is about using valuable assets to create a culture of reciprocity between you and those with whom you do business. It’s about establishing yourself as a thought leader via content distributed social platforms. It’s about increasing your capacity to segment your audience and personalize your message.

In short, it is about all the things that are second-nature for an advisor to do with an individual, only with 1000 individuals. One to one relationships at scale. Are you starting to see the value?

Marketing tools like the ones that FMG Suite provides, coupled with CRM software like RedTail can achieve amazing things for your marketing including:

  • Increased engagement from existing clients
  • More prospects converting to clients
  • A steady stream of client referrals
  • Higher satisfaction for clientele and advisor alike
  • More visibility within the field

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Join our Marketing Director, Kirk Faulkner, as he explains how this simple strategy can transform your success rate and dramatically increase your assets under management.

The broadcast is on Wednesday, February 27th at 11 AM PST. Reserve your seat now and we’ll see you there!


Kirk Faulkner

Marketing Strategist

As our Marketing Strategist, Kirk is responsible for staying on the cutting edge of marketing trends and best practices.