Countdown to the Broadcast

Join us May 29 – 11am PDT to answer the question:

Is your firm ready to compete in the digital landscape?

The rate of technological development is a double-edged sword. While innovation provides us with increasing communication bandwidth, the quickening pace of change means no advisor can rest on their laurels when it comes to their digital representation, especially when it comes to your website.

Is your firm’s website living in the 2000s? When your website becomes out of date, it can hurt you across the board. An updated website provides many significant benefits such as:

  • Increase search engine ranking through SEO
  • Optimize lead generation and capture
  • Drive engagement with social media integration
  • Align your brand with your offering
  • Improve site user experience

Join us for our monthly Marketing Broadcast where our Marketing Strategist, Charlotte Spangler, will guide you through a checklist of “musts” for your next-gen website.

The broadcast will air on May 29 at 11am PDT. Reserve your seat now! You can’t afford to get left behind!

Can’t make it live? Register to receive a playback after the broadcast, so you can take notes and watch on your own time. 


Charlotte Spangler

Marketing Strategist

Charlotte Spangler is FMG Suite’s marketing content writer and social media manager. She has worked with dozens of small business owners across industries, helping even the smallest teams learn to embrace digital marketing and reach new levels of growth.