Countdown to the Broadcast

There has been a massive change in the way the advisor community sees social media. Even five years ago, the thought that advisors would be taking to the web to communicate with clients and prospect leads seemed unlikely. But today, social media marketing has gone from a possible to a definite and it is time to incorporate it into your strategies.

A solid social marketing strategy is comprised of three fundamentals. In this comprehensive broadcast, Marketing Strategist Charlotte Spangler will provide actionable insights into:

Social Media Marketing Strategy
What is your brand promise and how are you executing on it? Who is your audience and what are they searching for?

Selecting the Right Content for Social Media
The marketing relationship is built on an exchange of value. The most straight-forward way to deliver value is through content.

Marketing Strategy Execution
How do you turn a marketing effort into a marketing success? And how do you keep it going?

The broadcast will air on June 26 at 11am PDT. Reserve your seat now! You can’t afford to get left behind!

You know that social media marketing has become a necessity. We want to help you take the first steps to thriving in the new social landscape.


Charlotte Spangler

Marketing Strategist

Charlotte Spangler is FMG Suite’s marketing content writer and social media manager. She has worked with dozens of small business owners across industries, helping even the smallest teams learn to embrace digital marketing and reach new levels of growth.