FMG Suite is Dedicated to Supporting You

During this time of uncertainty, FMG Suite wants to support you the best way we can. Our platform saw a 5x increase in activity in March which indicates you want and need the tools and content FMG Suite provides to communicate effectively.

A lot has happened and we’ve quickly added enhancements and content to our platform to help you communicate and retain clients through this crisis. Below is a comprehensive list but we’re not stopping here. We’re not done innovating and providing new solutions to help you, your clients, and our community. We continue to forge on and ideate for better ways to support you as your needs evolve through this crisis.


We’ve shifted our content strategy to provide timely content regularly

We pivoted quickly to provide advisors resources and content about COVID-19, market volatility, and the CARES Act to easily send to clients via email, social, or website. Our content team is dedicated to timely content as events unfold. We’ve added a weekly market commentary for financial professionals to provide weekly updates and an event promotion kit that answers the most common questions clients have right now.

We’re offering CuratorTM free for 3 months

We recently released our AI-driven content solution and it couldn’t have come at a better time. This provides an endless stream of content curated from credible sources that’s personalized to an advisor’s preferences and personal brand. Included is a timely news feed that specifically indexes content related to COVID-19 and makes it easy for advisors to share.

We are committed to delivering valuable information to help you serve clients better

We consistently share webinars, blogs, and podcasts on topics related to marketing best practices, but in March and April we pivoted to produce content that helps financial professionals and their clients during this time. Some highlights include:

Our websites have new features to help you connect on a more personal level

Your clients need more reassurance than ever and not being able to meet in person is difficult to provide that personal interaction. We’ve added video blogging capabilities for you to deliver your messages through a more intimate medium. Plus, our websites now have a section on your homepage that can easily be updated to provide timely updates as things change.


We’ve streamlined compliance approval workflows

Compliance teams are receiving more submissions than ever with all the timely content that’s now available. Our platform will now recognize if content submitted from one rep matches with submissions from other reps, and we’ll notify the compliance analyst that there are duplicate submissions so they can easily “bulk-approve” all of those submissions at once for quicker approvals and efficiencies.

We’re uploading broker-dealer content for reps to access easily

Financial planners need timely relevant content more than ever and they’re looking to their broker-dealer for insights to share with clients. We’ve uploaded content on behalf of broker-dealers using our Publisher tool for their advisors to easily share on social, email, or on their websites.


Going remote while still providing top-notch service to our customers

Thankfully, we’re a remote-first company and were able to shift our employees to work from home, while not disrupting the services we provide our customers. We continue to provide the support our customers expect through live customer service, live online chat, and email support.

Remembering to have a little fun and remain connected

Through all this rapid change, we never lost sight of keeping our employees happy. We’ve set up new ways for our employees to interact with one another or have an outlet to remain healthy and to focus on their well-being. Some highlights include establishing a quarantine fitness group, highlighting team members through weekly Pecha Kucha presentations, or virtual team-building game breaks.

We value the relationship we have with you and know you feel the same about your own clients. We’re here to help and will remain by your side as we get through this together. Thank you for putting your trust in us to help you with your communication and marketing needs.