You can’t improve what you don’t measure.

Question: what makes the difference between mediocre marketing and great marketing? The answer is data. We make it easy to view, analyze, and measure your impact, so you can find out what’s working—anytime, anywhere.

Instant gratification.

Find out who’s viewing your emails, right when they’re opened. Stay informed with on-the-go updates.

Feel more confident.

Get specific metrics to show how your campaigns are performing. Pinpoint where your marketing efforts are moving the needle, and make better-informed decisions.

Give them what they want.

To hone your marketing strategy, you need to know what’s working for people. Our system will notify you whenever someone opens an email, visits your site, or views a content piece.

See who’s checking you out.

Our dashboard gives you a high-level view of who’s interacting, and with Google Analytics built right in, it’s super convenient to monitor website traffic.

Measure Your Investment

You know the power of a great ROI. We’ll give you all the insights you need to provide the best-possible service to your clients.

Want More?

Let us show you how to nurture clients, attract leads, and start building a scalable, relationship-based business.