The Art of Inbound Marketing 2.0:
The How-To Guide for Financial Advisors, Revised and Updated for 2017

A few years back, we released The Art of Inbound Marketing, the definitive resource on how financial advisors can build their practice with digital marketing. We just released a new version updated for include today’s newest marketing evolutions and effective strategies so you can grow your business faster and with less effort.

The Art of Inbound Marketing 2.0 offers step-by-step, actionable ideas for connecting with your clients and prospects online, whether it’s on social media or through email.

Written by the CEO of FMG Suite, Craig Faulkner is a former financial planner turned digital marketer who pioneered new marketing approaches for the financial services industry that are now used by thousands of independent advisors across the country.

This guide will help financial advisors gain a stronger understanding of digital marketing and easy action steps to take today to build their business. This book covers:

  • What inbound marketing is, and how it differs from outbound marketing of the past decades
  • Why content lies at the center of your marketing strategy and how to create impactful content on a timeline and budget
  • The power of a great website and how to ensure yours is serving as the hub of your marketing efforts
  • The power of social media and how to find prospects on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter
  • The impressive ROI of email marketing and how to create emails that get opened and result in more phone calls
  • How digital presentations have replaced old school seminars, and what features presentations need for success

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