Blueprint to Relationship Marketing:

A Guide to Maximizing Client Retention, Loyalty, and Profitability

Advisors who utilize relationship marketing strategies average 42% higher AUM growth.

The broker-dealer landscape is shifting. Independent broker-dealers are being absorbed into larger entities. BDs are taking on more advisors, and while their AUMs may be increasing, their margins are shrinking.

A new picture is developing of the relationship based advisor and the broker-dealer that supports them. This new breed is focused on providing value to clients in a new and exciting way. It is the advisor that is able to successfully pair their relationship marketing efforts with technology that enables increased communication bandwidth and campaign automation that is leading the way into the future.

This comprehensive blueprint will explain the history and philosophy behind relationship marketing as well as lay out the pathway for broker-dealers who want to provide support and technology to aid their advisors in this endeavor.

You will learn:

  • What are the fundamental principles of Relationship Marketing (RM)?
  • How was the strategy developed?
  • How does it fit into a Client Relationship Management (CRM) strategy?
  • What are the primary benefits of RM?
  • What role does data analysis play in RM?
  • What technology and tools are needed to implement a comprehensive RM strategy?
  • What can the broker-dealer do to better facilitate technology adoption?

We hope you are able to utilize the information in this exhaustively researched paper to help your advisors increase client loyalty, retention, and profitability.