Create Custom Content

The Publisher tool allows the home office to create and distribute custom content for their financial professionals and agents to share.

Publisher Gives You Power

Supplement the FMG Suite content library with custom content just for your financial professionals and agents. Our tools put you in control with simplified content distribution, making unified communication easy.

Content Distributed at Scale

Create, sync, and publish content instantly for your financial professionals and agents to share with just a few clicks.

Credit You Deserve

Your articles, emails, and documents will clearly note they came from the home office. Empower financial professionals and agents and finally look like the hero you really are.

Set Them Apart

By providing special content to your advisors and agents, they’ll stand out from the crowd and get the emails and posts they need to build strong relationships.

Support Made Simple

Easily impersonate any financial professional or agent to add a page, create social posts, write emails, or make a quick change to their website on their behalf.


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