Create your own branded seasonal magazine

Elevate your brand and attract attention with a high-quality, upscale custom magazine. Pick your style, personalize and leave the rest to us.

Deliver an upscale brand experience

Insert your brand voice by selecting your title and welcome letter. We'll also brand with your logo, disclosures, photo and brand colors to create something uniquely yours.

No time? No worries.

Does social media feel like a chore?

We've got you covered.

  • Automated social posting to keep your feed full and profile active, week after week
  • Timely content on topics your audience wants to read
  • Customize posts, add your own content, use what we provide or mix and match
Sample of Canva Integration with FMG Platform
Beautiful Imagery

Create beautiful thumbnails in seconds with Canva

The most compelling social posts have attention-grabbing visuals. With our Canva integration, choose from a library of pre-made visuals or create your own - either way, you're sure to wow. 

Artificial Intelligence

AI-powered content

Using AI, our award-winning Curator™ recommends articles for you to share based on your interests. 

You can choose articles from thousands of trusted sources, including Forbes, CNBC, Wall Street Journal and more. 

No gating and customizable captions make it easy to share your opinions on current events. 

Digital Display of FMG Content

Set-it-and-forget it with automated campaigns

A big part of social media success is posting consistently. But finding time to create posts and get compliance approval can be a big deterrent. Let us make it easy.

  • Automations mean your feed will never go quiet, no matter how busy you get
  • All posts are FINRA-reviewed in advance, so you don’t have to worry about compliance
Landing Pages

Turn your website into a lead generation engine

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