How to Write Your Financial Advisor Bio with 5 Examples to Inspire You

Getting to know an advisor or firm is the first step to establishing trust. If you don’t know an advisor very well, you’re not very likely to confide in them or trust them with your finances. That’s why a financial advisor’s bio is of the utmost importance. It’s a window that shows clients who you are, what you do, and why you do it.

The bio is found on the “About Me or About Us” page of your website. Keep note of this as it’s one of the most crucial and most visited pages on any financial advisor’s site according to HubSpot, especially when optimizing.

Why Is a Bio Important to Financial Advisors?

Demonstrating yourself as a trustworthy and reliable advisor is key to appealing to current and future clients. Your website, reviews, and recommendations all play a part by building trust and helping prospects self-qualify. Your about page, and the bio within, are key to this process by demonstrating you and your team’s personality – which is essential to connecting with prospects and clients.

How To Write an Effective Bio as a Financial Advisor

Prospects and clients want to see personality from the companies they work with. So don’t be scared to keep the bio lighthearted while highlighting company successes and services. Be sure to write in first-person, you’re selling services based on relationships so be affable and open. Make sure to keep it a digestible length and interesting – tell a story. And consider your audience in this process. What would resonate with them the most?

What Should I Include in My Bio?

It’s important to balance your bio. If it’s too long you’ll lose the reader. If it’s too short it might not break through the barrier of doubt. So where do you start? Worry not, here is a list of things to include for writing a great advisor bio:

  • Who you are both personally and professionally
  • Your goals for clients, what do you want to help them accomplish
  • What your business does, the industry, and offered services (Shorthand)
  • Firm milestones and successes
  • The firm’s mission statement and company values
  • A CTA (Call-to-action) to connect with an advisor(s)

Don’t Forget Images

Words aren’t the only things needed to craft an exceptional bio. Adding photos is always a welcomed idea. It’s a great idea for financial advisors to share about their personal life but without a photo, they’re just a name without a face. Depending on the type of audience your firm is marketing to, different types of photos will have a better impact. For example, if your financial firm is trying to cater towards people who are around the age of raising a family, share a family photo. Show that you’re in the same position as them and that you’re there to make sure their family is taken care of.

Financial Advisor Bio Description

Remember these 6 Tips to Keep Your Bios Strong:

  1. Be Authentic
  2. First Impressions Matter
  3. Write in First Person
  4. Informality Can Go a Long Way
  5. Share Your Story
  6. Personalize

5 Examples to Inspire Your Own Bios

We know that coming up with your own bio off the spot can be challenging. You have to make sure it has the right balance of professionalism and personality and that can be hard without a frame of reference. So here are 5 of our favorites that show off the financial advisor’s personality and services.

1. Peak Financial Solutions

Peak Financial is a great example of balance. It lets the site visitor know about what the firm does and why you should trust them. It’s in third-person but it works for this bio as the firm is describing its CEO so better highlight the reliability the advisors bring to their clients.

Peak Financial Advisor About me Bio

2. Headway Financial Solutions

Headway Financial has a short and sweet bio, but what they do really well is their CTA. They get straight to the point and ask if you’re ready to take a stand for your future, urging you to call them and “Stand for Something Together.”

Headway Financial Advisor Bio

3. Potomac Financial Consultants

Potomac Financial takes a unique approach to employee bios. Having a page that shares the history of the firm and a team page, but this is where it gets interesting. Each team member has their own section which includes contact information and a short snippet from their bio, but a “Read More” allows you to view the full thing.

Potomac Financial Consultant Bio Page

4. Shifting the Culture Wealth Partners

Shifting the Culture Wealth Partners has a wonderful bio page that highlights what makes the company so unique. It gives an easy-to-read description of the company, what they do and why. Along with a biography about the founder and the choice to learn more about her. The page also does a great job highlighting business partners.

Shifting the Culture Financial Advisor Bio

5. RPI Financial Life Planners

RPI Financial lets its clients know that their firm is all about having a family dynamic both internally and externally. Not only is the team made up of family members, but those who aren’t have become so close they might as well be. They let the public know that they care, and if they take you on as a client you’ll most likely be seen as family too.

RPI Financial Planners Bio

Now that you know how to write your bio, what to include, and some inspirations to get you started, get writing! And don’t forget, if you ever need a refresher or want to be inspired again, we welcome you to return to this article.

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