In Our Family…

Creativity, Storytelling, and Content Making at FMG Suite




This is How We Do it

The FMG Suite family of companies makes a lot of content, and we care deeply about what goes into it. Here you’ll find the principles, philosophies, and processes that make up “true north” for our team. Whether you’re a designer, writer, director, or just curious about how the sausage gets made, you’ll find some deeper insight into both why and how we do things in our family.

Why Does it Matter?

We believe that by having a clear and purposeful content creation strategy, we’ll continue to keep the impact and quality of our content high as we scale our library. Our subscribers and their audiences will enjoy and trust our content, facilitating trust both in our brand and our subscribers’ services. Ultimately, great content promotes engagement and business growth on all sides (and being proud of our work just makes life more fun for all of us).