Empathy: A Key Creative Value

The degree to which a reader can identify with the spirit of a narrative informs the success with which the story can teach, inform, delight, entertain, or whatever goal the author may have in mind. The more our audience feels that a specific content piece is about them, affects them, addresses them, etc. the more of an emotional impact we’ll have.

It’s been proven that when writing prompts an affective response, it can help with content retention, a desire to share with others, and trust in the source of that emotion. Some narrative theorists have gone as far as to suggest that a sort of narrative transaction takes place between reader and author: through the texts affective moves, it comes to constitute the identity of the reader. It becomes part of them in a way that only good storytelling can.

This is good news for us, as well as for our advisors and agents. By prioritizing empathy in our content, we forge trust not only between our subscribers and us, but also between our subscribers and their clients and prospects.