Storytelling: It’s What Makes Our Content Engaging

(Sources: Theory and Interpretation of Narrative- Rabinowitz; A Grammar of Motives- Burke; Rhetoric, Poetics, and Cultures- Berlin.)

Storytelling for Change

Storytelling, at its heart, is a culturally communicative practice. Over time, systems of norms shape what sorts of stories are crafted and told. However, the telling of stories can also provide a scaffold for a normative shift. Stories are the bones upon which humanity builds its cultures.

Storytelling is a powerful tool to reinforce the dominant norms of the past (patriarchal societies, classist structures, states of inequality, etc.) but also a catalyst for change (yes we can, I have a dream, The only thing to fear is fear itself, etc.).

Although our goal at FMG Suite is not primarily to bring about sweeping social change, we should be aware of the power of a well-told story (be it via video, article, infographic, or even social post) to influence and shape our audience’s individual lives, choices, and experiences.

Persuading With Storytelling

Thanks to its roots as a communal, cultural practice (it not only predates writing but is ingrained in notable cultural events like religious and national holidays and major artistic endeavors like film and television), storytelling is a powerful tool when persuading a person to action.

Rather than telling a prospective client that they should be putting money in X investment, or waiting until Y year to withdraw from their 401(k), a story illustrating these concepts is much more powerful. An audience is far more receptive to a lesson illustrated by a fictional Jack or Sally (look how successful Sally was by following this investing lesson), than to a command (wait until you’re exactly 70 ½ to begin withdrawing from your 401(k) because I said so).

That’s not to say that to tell a story you must invoke fictional or non-fictional people. Stories can also be told about objects and concepts like websites, customer experiences, etc. The goal is not to abstract these concepts, but to ground them in relatable, shared experiences.

Audience Identification

When an audience can identify with the spirit of a narrative, it establishes the affective response to the text. In other words, the more our audience feels this particular content piece is about them, effects them, addresses them, etc. the more of an emotional impact we’ll have.

It’s been proven that when writing prompts an affective response, it can help with content retention, a desire to share with others, and enduring trust in the source of that emotion. Some narrative theorists have gone as far as to suggest that a sort of narrative transaction takes place between reader and author: through a text’s affective moves, it comes to constitute the identity of the reader. It becomes part of them in a way that only good storytelling can. At FMG Suite, when we can get a content piece to this level for the majority of our audience, we’ve struck gold.

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"...while they can’t turn back the clock and address these issues beforehand - such as increasing their spouse’s life insurance or saving more - there are ways to take control and feel more confident in their future.
When working with widows, there are a few first steps I recommend taking:

1. Get Organized
Whether or not you handled all of your family’s finances, some, or none, the first step is to organize your financial documents. Before you can determine how to budget and what steps to take, you have to first understand where you stand financially. If you are having trouble translating your investment account statements, a financial advisor can help you understand what your documents mean. You’ll want to copy and safeguard your important documents and review life insurance policies with a trusted advisor.

2. Budget for a Single Income
More than half of widows have difficulty adjusting to a single income. This may because they haven’t reevaluated their bills and expenses and adjusted..."

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Copywriting Sample

Consistent Messaging

"...Once we understand your family’s current circumstances, goals, and unique needs, we develop strategies to help preserve and potentially grow your wealth and take over the time-consuming tasks associated with managing your complex financial affairs. Working with a family office can benefit families in a number of ways, including:

  • Preserving wealth through proactive management and appropriate strategies
  • Mitigating risk by diversifying investments
  • Assisting with the transfer of wealth from one generation to the next through strategic asset allocation and estate planning..."

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"...More than likely, you have a clear understanding of your relationship with your doctor or your dentist. You pay a fee and, in return, you receive a service, including advice and recommendations based on your individual situation. It would make sense then for your relationship with your financial advisor to be the same; but for many, that’s not the case.

At Financial Guideposts, we’ve noticed a trend: that the general public does not understand the relationship they have with their financial advisor. We want to change that. We believe there are two critical aspects you should understand when working with a financial advisor: how he or she gets paid and what services he or she provides..."

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