7 Golden Questions: What “Good” Means to Us

We’ve developed a way of ranking our content for quality using 7 Golden Questions. Most of our content has been ranked against these questions, and it’s our goal to do an annual inventory of all new content to make sure we’re staying at a grade of B+ or above. Content will ideally rank highly in these seven areas:

1. Is this topic interesting to our subscribers’ clients?

We avoid topics that our subscribers’ clients wouldn’t find interesting. This means covering topics that our advisors and agents want to talk to their clients about or want to avoid talking about, and prefer to let the content do the work.

2. Does this piece portray our subscribers as smart & relevant?

Our content pitches topics at a level that makes our subscribers look current, connected, professional, and expert. We take their trust seriously and leverage our role as their marketing team with caution and pride, treating their reputation as if it were our own.

3. Does it provide an “Aha!” moment for the audience?

If at all possible, all content pieces should, even when covering the most basic of topics, impart some new or surprising information, or an interesting angle.

4. Is it readable, engaging, and concise?

Since our goal is to educate, entertain, and inspire, we do not bloviate, meander, or otherwise make boring content. While it takes extra effort to make compliance-friendly content that’s fun to engage with, we’re willing to go the extra step. This is a major point of differentiation from our competition.

5. Does it practice good grammatical hygiene?

Our content strives to be technically perfect. Mistakes like unsourced stats, typos, or design inconsistencies reflect poorly on our team and, even worse, on our subscribers. We carefully proofread / do design passes / QA our work, and we always get at least one other set of eyes to do the same before publishing.

6. Does it have an emotional component, hook, or moment?

Emotion is a great driver to action. When possible and appropriate, we should leverage emotional connection to drive our subscriber’s clients to take positive action. We do not, however, engage in emotional manipulation or fear tactics – that’s not our style.

7. Gut check: would you proudly share this with your name on it?

At the end of the day, our subscribers should be excited and proud to share our content and have it representing their brand in the wild. If for any reason we feel hesitant on this point, we have more work to do.