6 Marketing Trends That Will Impact Financial Advisors

Marketing trends are continually evolving and changing, and what’s hot one year can quickly go cold the next. In the past few years, marketing has shifted more towards personalized, community-focused, relationship-based campaigns.  In 2017, we see these elements gaining even more momentum. The predicted marketing trends for 2017 will influence both consumer decisions and the ability and effectiveness for advisors to connect with clients and prospects.

As you continue to plan out your year, we’ll share the six key trends you should incorporate into your marketing efforts. This guide will help you create an actionable plan and show you where to spend your time to maximize your efforts. You’ll learn:

  • The importance of storytelling
  • How to leverage case studies
  • The importance of blogging
  • Which social media platforms you should use
  • Leveraging local business listings to boost website traffic

Supercharge Your Marketing Efforts

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