It’s that time of year again –  time to get your 2022 marketing strategy ready. 

Here is a checklist of things you can do to make sure your next year is the best year for your business ever.

9 Tips To Get Your Marketing Ready for 2022

1. Review what worked in 2021

Now is the time to go back and look at the metrics for all of your content. Analyze what worked. Then, do more of that and less of what didn’t. I know it sounds obvious.

But, it’s also something very few people take the time to do.  And when you’re finished, you will have a foundation with which you can build your 2022 marketing strategy.  Here are a few things to consider:

  • Email campaigns: Which campaigns garnered the most responses? What were their open and click-through rates? What subject lines worked the best?
  • Landing page: Which pages earned the most form fills? How did visitors land on these pages?
  • Blogging: Which posts received the most traffic? How about the least traffic? Do your popular posts share anything in common?
  • Social media: What received the most engagement? Is there a particular channel or time you’re seeing the most success with? How often do you engage the content of others?

2. Determine your Marketing ROI from 2021

Money spent on digital marketing has the potential to create the most ROI of any other company expense. But are you making sure that every dollar counts?

Implementing the right technology is the quickest way to improve the ROI of your marketing. What technology are you using right now? Could you benefit from something different in 2022? 

3. Analyze your marketing funnel 

Your marketing strategy should help potential customers learn about your services, convert prospects into clients, and help current clients engage your business further.

These three goals are fulfilled at some point in your marketing funnel. But if your funnel has leaks, then you’re losing lots of potential business. Take the time to look at your business from the perspective of a new visitor and check your funnel for leaks.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what your funnel should achieve:

  1. Attract: The top of your funnel is all about letting your potential clients know about your business. This is your overall digital presence.
  2. Convert: This is where you’re connecting with potential clients through your CTAs, forms, and landing pages.
  3. Close: Here we’re closing prospects using data, email optimization, and personalization to nurture leads.
  4. Delight: Once you’ve picked up a new client, all that’s left is to provide ongoing service that both surprises and delights.

To improve your funnel, check how well you’re performing in each step and adjust accordingly.

4. Stay active on social

Improve your social activity and commit to more social engagement in 2022.

If you’ve built a great social presence, but don’t spend the time to make sure you’re posting quality content, then you’re are missing a huge opportunity. You may have spent 2021 posting from time to time but without a specific strategy. If this is the case, then consider a new approach in the new year.

For example, are you using the best quality content you can? Are you posting at the most optimal times? Are you responding to your audience when they comment?

New SEC regulations make online interaction more possible for financial professionals. Make sure you’re taking advantage of new marketing opportunities and lead generation channels, just be sure to get approval from compliance before doing so. 

5. Pay attention to significant trends of 2021 

One of the best ways to see what has happened in 2021 is to read roundup articles like this one that explain the most important marketing trends of 2021. If you can pivot towards what is happening in the market, you will be able to make 2022 an even more successful year than the one before it. 

What were some of the significant trends of 2021? A big one was that consumers want less communication but more quality within that communication. Consider your email and social campaigns. Are they coming too often? Are they delivering the level of quality content that your audience has come to expect? If not, this is the year to change that.

6. Optimize your customer touchpoints

Review your customer touchpoints and digital presence. There are many places a potential customer can interact with your brand online. Whether that is your social platforms, your website, or any other site where someone can look you up, you need to make sure your digital presence is updated and optimized. 

Google is often one of the first locations potential customers will find you. So, one of the best things you can do is verify and optimize your Google My Business. This will provide immediate information for potential customers that search for you on Google.

7. Make improvements for SEO

Don’t ignore the importance of search engine optimization. 

The best way to improve your SEO is by implementing an effective blog strategy – one that actively shares content relevant to your audience. Doing so gives you the chance to rank for keywords your audience is searching.

Another great SEO tip is to include an FAQ page on your website. This will also give you the chance to rank for questions relevant to your audience. And, it has the added benefit of saving you and your team time by answering the questions you receive the most.

Lastly, be sure to update essential websites (like Google My Business list above) and other directories. They are crucial tools that allow you to describe your offering and present the correct information about your location.

8. Create a content calendar 

It is a good idea to go through the year month by month and decide which themes you will cover throughout the coming 52 weeks. If you tailor your content ideas to the time of year, whether that is the holidays or important dates like tax season, you will create a comprehensive calendar that will guide you all year long.

While there will always be changes along the way, having this initial plan can be a great way to get your 2022 content marketing strategy off on the right foot.

If you would like more, then check out this post on creating a content calendar.

9. Repurpose content that worked in 2021

Once you have discovered which of your content marketing strategies and assets were most successful, consider repackaging them and reusing them. A great webinar can become a great white paper. You can turn a good blog post into a great Instagram infographic. Look to see what worked and introduce it again.

Your audience will not mind seeing it another time, especially if it is presented in a different format. They will be able to understand and utilize the information a little more. Plus, reusing your content or parts of it can help save your firm time and money in the long run. 


Looking To Improve Your Marketing in 2022?

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