Financial advisors find new ways to find clients and grow their businesses every year. 2022 will be no exception. 

Financial advisors seeking to improve their marketing will see many new initiatives and strategies in the upcoming year. Here are three ways to increase your assets under management and grow your business in 2022.

Leverage Online Reviews

Traditionally, advisors were not allowed to engage with commenters in a platform’s comment section. That all changes in 2022. 

The new SEC regulations will allow financial advisors to communicate with their clients and prospects online in a completely new way. 

It is now possible for advisors to request reviews from clients via Google and other platforms. Financial service professionals can accomplish this by sending them a personalized link that takes them directly to your Google Reviews page, where they can leave a review in minutes.

The client’s review of an advisor is immediately visible to new prospects when they search for information about that advisor. In addition, You can use one review written by a client repeatedly on advisors’ websites, newsletters, and other marketing materials.

Samantha Russell, chief marketing and business development officer at Twenty Over Ten and chief evangelist at FMG Suite, suggested that advisors stop focusing on referrals and instead focus on Google reviews.  

“What if you could ask clients to refer you just once and have that referral ‘go to work’ for you again and again?” she asked. Because of the Securities and Exchange Commission’s new advertising and marketing rule, ”now you can,” she said.

It can be hard to get clients to make referrals proactively since it puts the ball in their court instead of yours. Of course, every financial advisor wants more referrals, but getting clients to make those introductions proactively can be hard.”

However, before implementing reviews in your marketing strategy, be sure to always receive approval from your compliance department.

Use Video Communication Channels 

Each day, your clients receive dozens, if not hundreds, of emails, so your marketing campaigns need to stand out. The open rate of an email containing a video increases by 5.6 percent, and the click-through rate increases by 26 percent. Your unsubscribe rate may even decrease! 

Adding video to your email campaigns encourages your clients to open the email and contact you if they have questions. 

Video is more engaging than written content, and it’s fantastic for SEO and lead generation. By sharing videos online, you can significantly increase the effectiveness of their content strategy.

YouTube is one of the most significant opportunities for advisors in 2022. According to Pew Research, 81% of Americans use Youtube more than any other network.

There are many different ways to reach your audience, such as:

  • Webinars
  • Interviews
  • Q&A
  • How-Tos

Ads: Cost per view 1 – 3 cents on avg. So, you can start with just $10 a day and go from there.

Post Less, Give More

One major shift in trends is that consumers often do not want to hear from you. As a result, daily posting can become more of an annoyance than a value add. The goal of content is to inspire a reader to engage your company further along the path to becoming a client. Make sure the content you are posting doesn’t do the opposite.

Longer and more educational content through blog posts and articles is an excellent tool for strong SEO and thought-leadership. At the same time, they can be more interactive. For example, you can add quizzes, games, and questions to your blog, which tend to do exceptionally well. All thanks to Instagram interactive stories that conquered the space.

Since the quality has been becoming more critical, void posting mediocre content as the expectations of today’s consumers are growing. Unfortunately, poor content will become increasingly annoying, and the consumer will tolerate it less and less.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to post every day. Better to provide higher quality content less frequently, but be sure that whatever you are delivering is relevant, engaging, and beneficial.

2022 can be one of your best years ever! Make sure you are paying attention to new trends and taking advantage of new strategies in marketing.