What is Google AMP?

Early last year Google released a new online publishing format called AMP as a competitor to Facebook’s Instant Articles. It has brought about a huge change in site load times, especially on mobile devices, which has proven to have a major effect on user engagement.

So why are we telling you about AMP? We understand that you are a busy financial advisor and we don’t expect you to start coding in AMP or even use it directly in your advertising. But AMP has been extremely successful. There are several things that AMP does to increase that engagement ratio that you can reflect in your own online efforts.

1. Keep it simple

Google AMP lays out information in a straightforward and clean structure. Picture, title, short description; all in a simplistic box with enough space that it doesn’t run into the next entry. Your eye takes in the whole thing at the same time. When designing a homepage for your website, try to emulate this simplicity. The days of overcrowded home pages with long blocks of text and distracting optics are gone. Marketing superstar guru, Neal Patel, said that a homepage does not need any more than 400 words of quality keyword oriented text. 400 words may even be too much in some cases.

2. Keep mobile in mind

Google AMP is an effort to take advantage of the huge shift to mobile happening right now. According to Search Engine Land, 60% of searches come from a mobile device. If your content does not display correctly on a smartphone and tablet, you’re not marketing to over half of your prospective clients. Make sure that you are using software optimized for mobile.

3. Go after voice searches

Google AMP is not just optimized for mobile, but it is also optimized for the new ways that people are using it. Not only are people searching on their mobile devices more than desktops, but they are also using the voice search feature more than ever before. With the new rise of in-house assistants like Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa, voice searches will soon become the norm. Ask your clients what questions they might ask a search engine to find your services. Write the question down verbatim and write a blog post answering the question.

Google AMP is a fascinating new piece of technology which is not only changing the way we interact with the Internet, but also has valuable lessons to teach us about how to present our best selves online. Learn more about Google AMP in this Marketing Tips video.


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