For over a decade, FMG Suite has been the leader in marketing tools for financial service professionals. 

Our goal has always been to provide advisors with the capability to control every aspect of their marketing, which is why we combined all the essential marketing tools in an all-in-one marketing suite. 

Now we are taking it mobile! 

FMG Suite’s new mobile app allows advisors to carry the power of their FMG Suite marketing tools with them anywhere they go on their cell phones. With this app, you can handle marketing decisions on the fly that would otherwise require a team of experts to operate.

The app is available for free on the Apple and Android App Store. It allows subscribers to receive mobile notifications about new content concerning current events, breaking news, and holidays. Once you find a piece of content you like, you can choose your audience, schedule an email, and easily share to social media.

Downloading the FMG Suite app to your iPhone, Android phone, or tablet will enable you to access the following features: 

  • Push notifications alerting you when we’ve added new timely content
  • Content library offering timely emails and social posts regarding current market conditions, events, and major holidays
  • Ability share timely content via email and/or social media
  • Communications calendar showing all content you have scheduled for the month, including social posts and email campaigns.

We are very excited to launch this new tool to financial advisors. “We have always been laser-focused on creating the best possible experience for financial professionals, and the launch of the FMG Suite app represents our commitment to innovation and accessibility for all,” said Scott White, CEO of FMG Suite. 

“We see engagement rates of 40%+ when our users share timely content. So now we’re making it even easier for financial professionals to share that information quickly.”

Power of the FMG Suite Mobile App

Here are three ways FMG Suite’s mobile marketing platform can revolutionize your marketing, accelerate your business’s growth, and help you generate more AUM:

  1. Lighting Fast Response with Push Notifications

Consider this scenario: You are walking down a street when suddenly your phone vibrates, and you see an alert that there is breaking news on the financial market. 

During times like this, it would be an excellent opportunity to reach out to your customers and prospects to let them know how you are handling this situation. 

With the new mobile app, you can immediately view the email we’ve composed to address the situation, choose the audience, and send it out. By keeping your clients and referrals abreast of breaking news, you prove your status as an expert in the field and someone with your clients’ interests at heart.

2. Keep Your Social Profiles Timely

When you regularly post to your social media with timely news and updates, your network will come to rely on you as a source of important information.

When FMG Suite releases a new social post addressing current events or a major holiday, you can quickly post to Facebook, LinkedIn, and/or Twitter directly from your phone. This way, you’ll always be one step ahead.

3. Build Consistent Marketing

Were you ever so busy that you forgot to schedule your marketing for a couple of days? Honestly, at some point, everyone fails, even though it is missing out on one of the best ways to grow your company and AUM. 

By downloading the FMG Suite mobile app, you will be able to access your marketing calendar from anywhere and anytime through your smartphone or tablet. 

It is easy to see what posts you have scheduled and where they will be posted once they are scheduled. And if you notice a lack of activity, you can quickly schedule emails or social posts right from within the app.

FMG Suite Connect™, Attract™, and Elevate™ marketing packages include the app at no additional charge. Visit the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to download the new FMG Suite app, then log in to your account and start sharing. 

Click here to learn how you can go mobile with FMG Suite today.