Inbound marketing involves four important steps for advisors. We might label them Find Me, Learn From Me, Talk to Me, and Trust Me. As advisors become adept at inbound marketing their business will grow. Here is step two: Learn From Me


Whenever a contact takes the time to visit their website or social sites, advisors have a unique opportunity to build trust and credibility by the content they display. Three criteria should guide advisors as they create and curate content for website and social pages.

Consistently refresh content on website

  • Advisors should be in the habit of placing something new on their sites at least once a week
  • You should offer sources for them go to in order to find quality content. This reflects on the parent organization
  • Once an advisor has something good, put it everywhere! Post it on Facebook and LinkedIn, put it in the blog, and tweet about it a few times. Get maximum mileage out of every piece of content

Entertain and educate visitors

  • Share content that helps prospects understand the advisor’s core values and expertise
  • Be cautious about too many links to outside publications, as that does not help visitors be aware of their expertise
  • Strike a balance between entertaining and educating. Video is the magic bullet here (One billion YouTube visitors can’t be wrong!)
  • Don’t be afraid to offer information that is related to special interests other than financial matters. This helps people feel a connection to them that can grow into a working relationship

Offer something of value

  • Advisors shouldn’t be so protective of every piece of financial information – give some away
  • As advisors share ideas and offer strategies that will enhance everyone’s lives people coming back for more
  • Teaching basic financial principles in an entertaining way helps prospects move toward a decision, and builds trust and credibility

Now that your advisors have made it easy for people to find them, and created some content that visitors can learn from, they are ready to get a two-way conversation started and build a relationship of trust. In the next post we will talk about Step 3: Talk to Me.