Inbound marketing involves four important steps for your advisors. We might label them Find Me, Learn From Me, Talk to Me, and Trust Me. As advisors become adept at inbound marketing, their business will grow. Here is step three: Talk To Me


We all know communication is key. Making marketing a two-way communication will help any advisor progress in their relationship with that client. Advisors can better help their clients when they are talking more than they are listening. Here are four ways that advisors can get contacts to talk to them.

Put a “Contact Me” form on website

  • You should make forms easy to spot and accessible from many parts of your site to encourage feedback
  • Opening your site up for feedback can be at times hard to hear but worth it
  • ‘Contact me’ forms give power to the contacts and show them an advisor values their opinion

Give clients the ability to comment on social posts

  • Adjust privacy limitations on social pages to allow conversation
  • Post comments that spark discussion. Questions are a great way to prompt feedback from your contacts and prospects to hear what they have to say about a subject
  • Remember that social dialogues get attention in other feeds on the social site and can attract more leads

Join LinkedIn discussion groups and invite clients to do the same

  • You can’t expect others to be actively involved in digital dialogues with you unless your willing to get involved in the communities online
  • Discussion groups provide many opportunities for community
  • Contributing to a discussion and helping answer questions builds your credibility and can provide future returns on the time invested in that discussion

Use links to social profiles

  • Placed visibly above the fold on your website to your social pages
  • Remember if they follow one social site they should follow them all, so be sure your social pages link to other social sites
  • The social pages help contacts see “who” your advisors are; their websites are more about “what” they do. It’s powerful to have the personal connection wherever possible

Now that your advisors have made it easy for people to find them, learn from them, and talk to them, they are ready to trust them. In the next post we will talk about Step 4: Trust Me.