Inbound marketing involves four important steps for your advisors. We might label them Find Me, Learn From Me, Talk to Me, and Trust Me. As your advisors become adept at inbound marketing their business will grow. Here is step four.


All of your advisors’ inbound marketing efforts will build trust and credibility. At this stage of the process, clients can actually become the advisor’s most valuable marketing resource. The client becomes part of a community that talks to the advisor and even talks to each other. Here are a few important points for advisors to remember about building trust:

The quality of the content builds trust in your advisors’ expertise

  • As clients and prospects continually view quality, informative content, they will trust the advisor to guide their financial decisions.

Clients sharing content means they are investing in the advisor

  • When a client shares content, the advisor/client relationship strengthens immeasurably. Posting content that gets shared has long-lasting benefits.

Advisors should be easy-to-reach through several channels

  • A mobile app is great because clients can reach out on their schedule. Advisors should check social sites regularly and answer messages promptly. Availability builds trust.

Advisors should be easy-to-refer through several channels

  • With inbound marketing, clients can refer through social media shares, and email newsletter shares in addition to old-fashioned word of mouth. That makes three ways to build referral business!