When it comes to determining where to put the bulk of their social focus, financial advisors tend to vacillate between focusing on Facebook with its vast number of users or LinkedIn with its professional veneer. Even though they are incredibly important platforms, they are not the only game in town. When creating your social strategy, it is important not to overlook the value of Twitter.

Here are five benefits that you can gain from integrating Twitter into your marketing plan and strategies to help you achieve them.

1. Twitter is great for prospecting
With more than 300 million members, Twitter represents a huge finding opportunity for financial advisors. Finding new followers on Twitter is a great way to connect with new prospects. It is personal, low commitment, and it will help keep you top of mind.

STRATEGY – Use Twitter’s search capabilities to connect with new prospects. Visit the profiles of publications, organizations and even competitors that you think might have followings that would be interested in your services and view their follower list. You can follow large numbers of people at a time and somewhere between 10%-30% will most likely follow you back. Sending personalized tweets to people as you follow them is a way to increase that number dramatically.

2. Twitter is great for sharing content
If you are employing any content marketing strategy, Twitter is a must for posting your new blog posts, infographics, webinars and anything else you are creating. Not only can you notify people when new content is available, but you can also boost content to get more eyes on a particular piece.

STRATEGY – Use a social scheduling app to plan out your posting calendar. Programs like Buffer or Hootsuite allow you to do this with relative ease. The FMG Suite social tool is also a great way to plan out your Twitter schedule in one sitting rather than having to post something manually every day.

3. Twitter is excellent for driving traffic
One of the primary goals of all social networking is to drive traffic to your website. Twitter gives you the opportunity to continually provide links back to your marketing hub where you can capture the information of new prospects or work to inspire existing clients to take additional actions.

STRATEGY – Create a healthy content mix of tweets linking back to your site, links to other stories and resources you have found across the Internet as well as tweets from you personally sharing a bit of your personality and company culture. Make sure that you are providing links to not just new content, but also to posts that have been on your site for a while.

4. Twitter is a social proof
Just having a presence on Twitter is a signal to your clients and prospects that you are embracing new forms of communication. It gives you a personal connection with anyone who follows you. Having a large following is also a great way to show prospects that you are a respected expert in your field.

STRATEGY – Make sure you are taking advantage of the design features on Twitter. Create a professional image for your profile’s icon and background. Fill out the bio and include a link back to your site. Share posts with striking visuals. If you have one that is particularly engaging, consider pinning it to the top of your feed by clicking the small v at the top right of a tweet and selecting “Pin to Your Profile Page”.

5. Twitter is a great way to get news and stay up to date with clients
Twitter isn’t only about what you say to others; it’s about what they say to you. By following clients and prospects, you can keep up to date with what is happening in their lives. A well-timed response to a client’s life event like a marriage or a birth in the family can bring you top of mind when your services are needed most. Twitter is also a great place to keep up with the news the colleagues and industry leaders you respect most deem important.

STRATEGY – To focus in on a specific group on Twitter it can help to make a list of followers you want to see at one time. Lists are a feature available to all Twitter users. Simply go to the menu under your profile picture in the top right corner of your screen. You will see ‘Lists’ in the drop-down menu. You can create as many lists as you like and populate them with either sources or prospects or clients. You can also choose whether to make your lists public or keep them private.

With a little work and dedication, you can turn Twitter into a vibrant part of your social media marketing strategy.