5 Key Facts About the New Tax Bill

The sweeping changes created by the recent tax bill have sparked confusion—and even some panic—from consumers across the nation. To help financial advisors inform their clients about these changes, FMG has created an easy-to-digest breakdown of the policy changes that taxpayers can expect.

In this free resource, we have outlined the 5 key changes that taxpayers can expect as a result of this new bill, including:

  • Changes to the personal tax code
  • Impacts on business owners and the introduction of the pass-through deduction
  • The ability to utilize a 529 Plan to pay for private elementary and secondary education
  • The doubling of the estate tax exemption

We recommend sharing this resource with your clients as both an email and a social post in order to highlight your expertise and diligence in monitoring emerging financial trends.

5 Key Facts About the New Tax Bill

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