Dear reader,

What another whirlwind year it’s been! It seems as though 2016 just started but we’re already less than six weeks from 2017. 2016 will forever have a special place in our hearts because a lot of incredible things happened. We wanted to take a moment to share just five things we’re grateful for this year:

1. Our continuously expanding team nationwide

We are constantly humbled by the amount of growth we do in so short of time. We have a team of incredible developers in Duluth, Minnesota, amazing Customer Service and Sales members in Lindon, Utah, remote friends in Illinois and Florida, and the bulk of our company in San Diego, California. We work together and all play such important roles in the creation of our marketing tools.

2. Our expansion into the insurance realm

In the beginning of the year, we made a big push to create more insurance content so we can provide our marketing tools to independent insurance agents and financial advisors who focus on insurance. We love working with financial advisors and insurance agents and everything we do is aimed at making their lives simpler.

3. Our new marketing tools

This may have been our biggest year yet in terms of improvement and additions. We refined our email and social media tools to create a combined Campaigns tool, which includes six different campaigns. In 2017, we’ll be adding to our library so our subscribers never run out of campaigns to send. Additionally, we integrated with Redtail to simplify your lead generation and email organization and tasks. We also launched a new website design service, Concierge, so financial professionals can launch a beautiful, personalized website in just four weeks and four phone calls. And lastly, we launched Local Listings to help our subscribers improve their search engine rankings and make it easier for prospects to find them online.

4. Our team’s personal celebrations and successes

Because we’re such a close knit team, we love supporting each other’s personal endeavors and family celebrations. This year, several of our team members welcomed new babies into this world, got married, ran marathons, accomplished New Year’s resolutions, volunteered in their community, gave back to those in need, created art, picked up new hobbies, and mastered new skills.

5. You

Words can’t begin to express how grateful we are for you – our subscribers and blog readers. If you’re a subscriber, thank you for trusting us with your marketing. We hope we’ve been able to save you time and money on your marketing so you can focus more on your clients and passions in life. If you’re a blog reader of ours, thank you for supporting us and interacting with our articles, whitepapers, broadcasts, and other resources. We hope they’ve helped.

From our families to yours, thanks for being part of the FMG Suite community. We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, holiday season, and rest of your 2016.