The Financial Advisor’s Starter Guide to Digital Marketing

Marketing. It can be an enigmatic concept from which financial professionals shy away. For many, it’s a job role they never intended on needing in order to build their business and client base. But in a world where people have thousands of options, marketing has transformed from a “nice to have” perk to a “gotta have” priority.

More advisors have embraced digital marketing in the past couple of years than in the last decade. If you’ve yet to make the leap, now is the time. Intimidated? Don’t see the need for marketing? Haven’t had a chance to start? This guide will help you take the first steps toward launching a well-oiled marketing machine regardless of your budget or schedule.

This guide will help financial advisors launch their marketing in six steps:

  • Define Your Target Market and Value Proposition
  • Set a Budget and Time Allowance
  • Review Your Marketing Opportunities and Set Goals
  • Find Technology to Simplify and Automate Tasks
  • Build Your Marketing Hub
  • Launch Your First Marketing Strategy

Download the Whitepaper

We’ll guide you from zero to launch in six steps.

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