It’s not uncommon for us to receive amazing feedback from our clients, many of whom share incredible success stories. From building an influential online presence to gaining new clients to landing million dollar accounts, financial advisors using our marketing automation platform see results from day one.

Shawn A. Manuel of Strategic Wealth Inc. is an advisor with Woodbury Financial Services who uses our website, email newsletter, and social media tools. He enjoys the integration of all of his tools in his marketing strategy so much that he shared his story with us.

How did you first learn about FMG Suite and how did you decide to choose FMG Suite for your website and digital marketing?

I learned about FMG Suite from one of my colleagues who is associated with my broker-dealer. It’s hard to find marketing specialists that are approved by compliance, so I appreciated that FMG Suite knows our industry well. I picked FMG Suite from the vendors available to me based on both colleague recommendations, and my own research. It was far and way the best solution available to us, especially for the price.

How have the FMG Suite tools helped with your marketing efforts?

FMG Suite has helped me stay in front of clients and prospects, particularly through the automated social media campaign and video newsletters. I understand the importance of a cohesive marketing strategy and because all of FMG Suite’s tools tie together, I can easily stay in front of my clients and prospects. Being integrated with our compliance department, we can easily update our change website or app content, and get notified as soon as it is approved. It really simplifies our marketing, and allows us to focus on our clients needs.

Do you have a favorite FMG tool? If so, which one and why?

It is hard to pick a favorite, but we recently added the mobile app, which is a great way to communicate with our clients, both through the educational resources, and the ability for app users to request an appointment, or ask us a question, all from our FMG Suite Mobile App. The social media campaign is also a favorite tool, as it allows me to send out well-produced, timely content to our social media profiles on a regular basis. We don’t have a marketing team or social media specialist, so the tool makes it easier to post consistently.

Have you received any positive feedback from clients or prospects?

We are constantly receiving positive feedback from both clients and prospects who have visited our website. The dynamic, changing content keeps them more engaged than the static websites that are common in our industry.

What do you like most about your FMG Suite website?

The ease of usability is great, because changing and updating content couldn’t be simpler. And best of all, the finished product looks great. I appreciate that FMG Suite has made the dashboard user-friendly, even for those who aren’t used to building and maintaining a website.

Would you recommend FMG to other advisors?

Absolutely. FMG Suite produces a professional looking web and social media presence, while requiring limited web development knowledge or time from the advisor. I highly recommend it!

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