Harnessing the Power of Social Media

Alex Chalekian has spent over 20 years as a dedicated student of the financial services industry, closely observing best practices and winning marketing techniques. He noticed that the most successful advisors all have one thing in common: a strong online presence. His search for a simple solution lead Alex to FMG Suite, which he leveraged to create seriously impressive results.


A Barrier to Growth

Before discovering FMG Suite, Alex was struggling to maintain a consistent online presence. His business was growing, but not as fast as he wanted. He was constantly unhappy with his website and the amount of time he was spending on content production and compliance edits was eating into his already limited time. Alex knew that if something didn’t change soon, his business might never reach its true potential.


It wasn’t that Alex didn’t know what he needed, quite the opposite. He knew that there must be a single solution for his content, social media, and compliance headaches; he just needed to find it.