FMG Suite’s automated campaigns are a great way to establish your firm and your website as a resource for industry-related news and helpful content. With little effort on your part, we are sending valuable insights on your behalf to your contacts each month.
Now, with the release of our Custom Email Builder, you can log in to your FMG Suite admin to create custom emails to send to one, some or all of your contacts whenever you need!

Read on or watch the video below to learn more about how you can keep in touch with your clients using the same FMG Suite tools you know and love.

A Suite Email Editor

If you’ve edited or built a page on your website before, you will be familiar with the sectional editing tools available in our simple email builder. Quickly and easily add headline, text, button and image sections to create a basic event invitation or an eye-catching newsletter.

You can preview your email at any time while crafting your message – you can even send a test email to be sure you’re pleased with the appearance. When you’re ready to send, simply select your audience from the contacts in your admin and schedule the email. Once approved by compliance, your email will either go out immediately or at your selected date and time. It really is that easy!

Consistency is Key

Unlike emails sent with MailChimp and Constant Contact, the emails you build and send with your FMG Suite tools go through the same compliance review process as your website content and they will be formatted in the same email template as your custom campaign content, giving your marketing a professional, consistent look.

Keep it Handy!

We all find ourselves sending the same types of emails over and over again: from appointment follow ups to event reminders. Now, with our “Handy Email” tool, there’s no need to start from scratch: simply save your email as a “Handy Email” and you’ll have a starting point for the messages you find yourself sending most often.
Connect and Attract users will soon have access to a library of FMG-provided Handy Emails. From a “First Meeting Checklist” to send to new clients, to an invitation to connect on social media – we’ve taken care of starting these handy marketing messages for you!

Email Best Practices

We’re thrilled to offer you this powerful new tool that makes it easier to stay in touch with your clients and prospects. With great power, comes some great tips:

  • Get their attention with a clear, concise subject line. Like you, your contacts’ Inboxes are likely full of important emails, complete junk and everything in between. If you want your email to be opened, ditch the click bait and try to be clear about the content of your message. Sending an email about recent market fluctuations? Include those words in your subject line! Inviting your contacts to an event next week? Be clear about the time frame right off the bat!
  • With all that said, you can’t cram a complete summary into your subject line. While no one has quite proven a correlation between subject line length and email opens, think about mobile first! More and more emails are being read on mobile devices, and most smartphones cut email subject lines off after about 35 characters, so keep it short and suite!
  • Adding a link to your email? Consider adding a button instead of just a boring old hyperlink. Buttons are more likely to get your reader’s attention and get the click you’re looking for.
  • Speaking of links: include a way to get your readers to your website. Whether you add a “PS” at the end of your email pointing to an interesting read in your Resource Center or to your latest Blog post, there’s always a way to get your contacts – and the folks they forward your email to – back to your site!
  • Email offers a great opportunity to get readers following you on social media. If you’ve written an informative email, readers are just going to want to hear more from you! We will automatically include a link to the social media platforms that you include in your admin under Profile >> Social Media. These links will appear on both your campaign and custom emails.
  • Check out these other blog posts from FMG Suite to learn more about email marketing strategies:

Stay tuned for more details about new features and how best to harness these tools to build your reputation and your contact list!