Is your financial advisor practice digitally advanced? Is it using digital tools and online marketing techniques on a regular basis? According to a 2018 Deloitte study titled Connected Small Businesses in the United States, if it is, it’s three times more likely to create jobs and it’s also poised to bring in two times as much revenue per employee. What’s more, digitally advanced businesses grow their annual revenues by a factor of four times over the previous year. Who wouldn’t want to be digitally advanced?

The fact is, however, Deloitte’s study determined that 80 percent of small businesses in the United States aren’t utilizing even the most basic tools and resources to become digitally advanced. Despite evidence to the contrary, 40 percent of small business owners don’t believe that online marketing tools are relevant to their businesses.

Fortunately, your partnership with FMG Suite gives you an edge. Becoming digitally advanced starts with personalizing and optimizing your own little corner of the Internet – your website. Here are five ways that FMG Suite helps with that:

A genuine look and feel

On the Internet, the book does get judged by its cover. In other words, a website’s design is often cited as the key factor in assessing the credibility of a business, so Job One of your financial advisor practice’s website is to establish trust through a clean, professional design that truly reflects your business. With FMG Suite, you won’t have a “canned” site, and you don’t need to be an expert designer. Creating a beautiful and credible-looking website is easy, thanks to working with an FMG Website Specialist and accessing a library of templates that are customized to your specifications in terms of color scheme, organization of information, logo, taglines, and content. FMG Suite offers three levels of website design and support, ensuring that each site is truly unique and a true embodiment of the firm it represents.

Images that match your image

Having the right images on your website both personalizes and brands your advisor practice to differentiate it from its competitors. Using FMG Suite for your website design gives you access to a robust library professional photography from Getty Images. You’ll work directly with your FMG designer to identify what types of images fit the personality and tone of your practice, then select the ones that best illustrate its characteristics. The result is a look that’s modern, professional, and truly yours.

Content that conveys authenticity

While aesthetics play an important role in every website, content is what keeps the visitor on the page. For example, the “About Us” page is one of the most frequently visited pages of any financial advisor practice. Why? Because people want to know more about who they’re doing business with. What’s written there matters. FMG Suite allows you to personalize your website not only in terms providing custom copy that captures your brand’s story and essence, but also in terms of which pages, sections, and call-out boxes you select for your site. The customization ensures that your website is tailored to your financial advisor practice – always.

Content that updates and adjusts for each visitor

A successful online marketing strategy generates traffic to your website through fresh content in the form of blog posts, videos, infographics, and articles – but who’s got time to create all that? Lucky for you, when you partner with FMG Suite, your website is preloaded with a financial advisor’s library full of hundreds of professionally produced articles, videos, and infographics. What’s more, based on each website visitor’s interests, similar content is recommended to make each new visit as personalized as possible.

Seamless Integration with third-party resources

FMG Suite doesn’t just personalize websites on the front end – it works seamlessly with third-party resources to minimize your administrative time, streamline your marketing efforts, and allow you to focus on your business. For example, FMG Suite offers complete integration with the leading CRM software for financial advisors, RedTail CRM Tailwag. Without even the click of a button, your website form leads automatically sync to your CRM account.

As a financial advisor, having a trustworthy online presence is essential to growing your business. Partnering with FMG Suite helps you join the 20% of U.S. businesses that are digitally advanced, with a compelling website that has customized content.