In the digital age, the secret to growing a financial advisory is no longer seminars and mailers. Instead, it’s content marketing. When seeking to select a financial services provider, clients and prospects look for informed sources who take time to educate them on the topics they need to know about. When you use content marketing to promote your financial services business, you’re able to prove your unique value and perspective again and again.

Many advisors rely on content provided by their broker-dealer or a service like the FMG Suite content library. Content from a library is great to fuel your emails and social media and drive traffic to your site, but it won’t necessarily speak to your ideal audience and unique value. In order to help your financial services business get to the next level, we suggest investing in custom content marketing.

3 Benefits of Content Marketing for Financial Services Professionals

  1. Proves Your Unique Value & Perspective

As a financial services professional, you offer specific insight and value that is different from other advisors in your area. Marketing with custom content allows you to share that value with anyone who comes across your financial services blog or social media sites.

When you create custom content that lets your personality and voice shine, prospects can get to know you without having to pick up the phone. It helps to build a relationship that eventually convinces them to become a client.

Similarly, your existing clients can turn to your content to get your perspective on financial topics without having to call you every time there’s a market fluctuation. By creating content that comes from your view, and feels specific to your firm, you’re able to prove how valuable you are as a resource to your clients (and their referrals!)


2. Catered Toward Niche Audience

A recent report from TD Ameritrade found that advisors who were able to target market niches were substantially more successful than general practitioners. Financial services professionals who marketed toward niche audiences had a median annual client growth that was 35% greater than those who did not.

When you create custom content, you can cater it specifically to your niche audience. You know your audience better than anyone, so your blog or video can speak to their unique questions, concerns, and challenges. 

Consider an ideal potential client looking online with a specific question – and your blog has the answer they’re seeking. You already have a leg up on the competition, just from one blog post!


3. Drives SEO

In the digital age, a high ranking on Google or Bing could be your golden ticket to success. Custom content marketing is what will get your financial services business there. When you build blogs that address your unique value and speak to your niche audience, you’ll start ranking for those financial services terms you use in the blog.

Content from the FMG Suite library won’t necessarily boost your SEO, because the content is shared with other sites. But if you take the time to update your blog with quality, valuable content regularly, Google will reward you.


Financial services businesses would be well served to put time and effort into content marketing. Creating valuable, high-quality custom content in the form of blogs, videos, podcasts, and webinars helps you reach prospects and clients 24/7. When you use your platform to offer unique perspectives to your target market, you won’t need to worry about the competition. If you’re convinced you need custom content, but don’t yet think you have the time to create it yourself, our copywriting services are here to help. Our team can provide expert content marketing for financial services to help set you apart. Just contact our team today to get started.