What good is a blog post if no one gets to see it? That’s the question that led us to roll out our newest FMG Suite feature: Blog Post Sharing. Now, you can send an email blast to promote your blog post and share it to social media with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Introducing Blog Post Sharing


How It Works

In the FMG Suite Advisor Admin, you’ll navigate to the post that you’d like to share. Then click “Share Post.” We’ll turn your post into a social post and format it into an email using content from the post (that’s already been approved by your compliance department). You’ll tell us which social networks you’d like to share it to and who you’d like to email it to. Easy.

Bonus Tips

Tip 1: Have a special message that you’d like to email to all of your contacts? Write that message as a blog post and hit “Share.”

Tip 2: Add a featured image to your blog post to make an even more handsome email.

Tip 3: Blog post sharing isn’t just for new blog posts. Don’t be afraid to promote your older blog posts with this tool as well.

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