They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so how many words is an infographic worth? How about a video? Studies show that readers are more likely to retain information presented visually rather than merely through text, which is why it’s important to add visuals to your website and social content. Depending on the message, there are different ways to convey information visually.


Infographics are a wonderful way to share a lot of information in a succinct manner and they are a lot more versatile than text alone. Marketers often use infographics to convey statistics, data, and other concepts that may be hard for an audience to process right away. An image helps lay out of the most important points in a fun, engaging manner. If you would like to create your own infographic for your site or social media, check out Piktochart.

Calls to Action

We’ve explained the importance of calls to action and how to craft them in our previous blog posts, but we haven’t shared how to take the next step with your CTAs. Rather than just adding “Contact Us” at the bottom of your website, try creating a call to action graphic to draw your viewer’s attention. It has been shown that bright colors increase reader’s motivation to take action by up to 80%, which is why a bold CTA is a beneficial way to use visual content for service professionals.


Videos are the bread and butter of FMG’s content marketing for a reason. According to a report by Adobe, 51% of marketers consider video the most effective form of visual content. They are what we call “sticky” elements because they keep viewers on your page longer, meaning that they learn more about your company and will be more motivated to take the next course of action. We populate our content library with videos tailored to service professionals because we understand the power they can have on a content marketing strategy.

Visual content is an excellent way to complement your written content on social media and your website. When used properly, the two can draw visitors in, make them stay longer on your site, and motivate them to take action.