“We love our website, but it wasn’t being found by the clients we want to serve. As specialists in 401(k) rollovers, we knew we needed to address the content on our website, but we’re not writers! I’m grateful for the FMG Suite team’s SEO and copywriting expertise––our site now ranks high on the first page of Google search results!”

~ Antoine Williams, Principal Advisor


Antoine Williams & Associates Wealth Management, LLC is based in Selburne, Vermont. Their firm serves people nearing retirement, educators, healthcare professionals, small business owners, divorcees and widows. Principal Advisor and LPL rep Antoine Williams became an FMG Suite Customer in 2018, when he set up a website and his marketing tools. Antoine and his team actively use many of our email and social media marketing tools to stay in touch with clients and prospects. However, disappointed that his website traffic was low, he turned to FMG Suite for SEO support for his financial services firm.


Help the Antoine Williams & Associates Wealth Management website rank higher on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) and drive more website traffic among potential clients seeking 401(K) rollover services.


  • SEO Foundations
    What is it? A thorough, one-time website audit to help increase visibility online. Includes keyword analysis, content and social audit, competitor profile analysis, onsite optimization, content strategy recommendations and more.

    How SEO Foundations helped Antoine: Our team completed the audit and optimization in three weeks, including optimizing all existing pages with appropriate keywords. The audit resulted in recommending three new pages to add to the website. 


  • Professional Copywriting
    What is it? Professional copywriting to help establish authority and expertise by developing high-quality, relevant content sure to be found by the search engines.

    How Professional Copywriting helped Antoine: To help his website rank on Google for specific services he offered and to attract a specific clientele he wished to serve, we produced four new pages of content customized to Antoine’s firm. Topics included:

    • Divorce Financial Planning
    • Financial Planning for Education Professionals
    • Financial Planning for Healthcare Workers
    • 401(k) Rollover


Comparing the period before the SEO Foundations project and the new page content was added to the Antoine Williams & Associates Wealth Management to the period directly after:

  1. Website is starting to rank for a variety of “401K” related keywords. It now is at the #3 spot on the first page of Google! 
  2. Website impressions increased by 360% in just one month.
  3. Click-throughs to website is up nearly eight percent
The website saw a notable increase in search impressions after just one month.
The website went from 0 impressions for most keywords to up to 2230 in just one month.


Next up, the team will focus on increasing click through rates to the site by continuing the SEO optimization work across the site, including testing different title tags. The results so far are impressive and we look forward to supporting this customer with even more traffic and leads to his site as a result.