Our 10 Picks for National Book Month

We read a lot of books here at FMG Suite, and we always enjoy sharing our recommendations with fellow professionals. In honor of National Book Month in January, we’ve compiled some of our favorites. Whether you’re looking to jumpstart your marketing efforts in 2016, acquire a few more clients, or…

What the Heck is a Persona?

If you've read an article on marketing strategies, you likely have come across the term "persona." In the simplest terms, creating a persona is the process of identifying who you are trying to communicate with. Who is that target client you are looking to attract? In our latest marketing tip video,…

What Should I Highlight in My Website Bio?

Gone are the days of stuffy, boring bios. Today, the new trend is to break all the rules and think outside the box. Watch this marketing tip video to see our recommendations of what you should (and shouldn't) highlight in your website bio. We love to share what we've learned from the thousands of…

The Power of Blogging with Julie Edge

Julie Edge is the founder of Creelio, a custom blogging platform for financial advisors. In this marketing guest star video, Claire and Julie discuss the power of blogging and how blogging can help with your SEO. Marketing Tip Julie Edge Guest Star We love to share what we've learned from the…

How to Write a Website People Want to Read

At FMG Suite, if there’s one thing we see advisors get stuck on, it’s writing their website content. Whether they enjoy writing or despise the task, creating a powerful and effective message (that is also SEO friendly and compliance approved) often proves difficult. For the next step of our…

One Thing You Must Have on Your Website!

Last week, we shared three things you should do your best to avoid while writing your website. This week, we will review the one thing you must have on your site. Watch the video to see some examples of advisors who have hit the nail on the head. Let's take a look!

Three Website Writing “Don’ts”

January is Website Copywriting month! Last week, we shared three things you must do while writing your website. This week, we will review three things to avoid in the copy on your site. Let's take a look!

Three Website Writing “Do’s”

Happy New Year! To kick off 2015, we are focusing on how to write your website to improve SEO and generate referrals. Watch this video to learn the three things you should focus on while writing your site and be sure to check your site’s keyword density here. Let's take a look!

4 Steps to Successful Inbound Marketing Step #2 Learn From Me

Inbound marketing involves four important steps for advisors. We might label them Find Me, Learn From Me, Talk to Me, and Trust Me. As advisors become adept at inbound marketing their business will grow. Here is step two: Learn From Me LEARN FROM ME Whenever a contact takes the time to visit their…