Client Events to Review Specific Holdings

When you're planning client events, think about the interests and concerns of your clients. Many are curious about their largest holdings and enjoy learning about market trends. Watch this marketing tip to learn how to engage clients and add credibility to your client events! How do I Add…

Watch This Advisor Explain How FMG Suite Has Made Marketing Easy

Guardian Agent, Jerry Strayve had been looking for a digital marketing solution for a few months when he came across FMG Suite. He worked with FMG Suite to set up his website and other marketing tools. Watch this short video to learn about his experience. Jerry Strayve Testimonial This is for…

What Should I Post on Social Media?

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How to Do a Client Survey

Regularly collecting feedback from clients can save you time and money, help resolve problems before they get out of hand, and improve client service. Watch this video to learn how to do a client survey for free! Marketing Tip How Do I Run a Client Survey We love to share what we've learned…

Is Your Email List Getting Stale?

Over time, it is common for an email list to gather dust. There are many great ways to freshen up your list and expand the reach of each email you send. Watch this video to learn tips and tricks for supercharging your email list today! My email list is starting to get stale

How are Top Advisors Using Inbound Marketing?

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Does Your Business Card Look as Sharp as You Do?

When was the last time you updated your business card? Check out the latest trend in business cards to help you stand out and be remembered! We have tested these out and can confirm they are awesome. Order yours on Moo.com today. Let's take a look! Business Cards

Jazz Up Your LinkedIn Profile with Presentations

Your LinkedIn profile is as important as your website when it comes to digital first impressions. To make your profile stand out and engage visitors, add some presentations! In this FMG Suite Marketing Tip video, Craig and Brandon explain how you can jazz up your LinkedIn page with presentations.…

How to Add a YouTube Video in a Blog Post

In our new series "FMG Suite User Tips" we'll answer your questions and show you step-by-step instructions to use our tools. In the first segment, learn how to add a YouTube video to your blog! Watch the video now. How to Put a Youtube Video on Your Blog

One Thing You Must Have on Your Website!

Last week, we shared three things you should do your best to avoid while writing your website. This week, we will review the one thing you must have on your site. Watch the video to see some examples of advisors who have hit the nail on the head. Let's take a look!