It’s pretty easy to block and ignore unwanted messages, from pop-up ads to TV commercials to SPAM emails. If you’re sending out your email newsletter to thousands of strangers or old acquaintances, we hate to break it to you: you’re wasting time, energy, and money, and you could even be damaging your reputation. Today’s email marketing landscape demands clean and accurate email lists.

In our marketing tip video, we chat about the importance of cleaning up your email list and how often you should set aside time to do so. Watch below and then scroll down to take our poll!

When it’s time to clean up your email list, look back at your analytics and see who is opening your emails and who isn’t. If certain people haven’t opened your list in the past few months, it’s likely time to remove them. If you have a large list, there are several online services that offer email list cleanup.

To keep building your email list, include a form on your website that allows prospects and clients to easily subscribe to your email newsletter. When you network or meet with prospects, ask them for their email address and permission to subscribe them to your email newsletter. Remind them that you won’t blast their inbox with sales pitches – rather, you’d like to send them a monthly video newsletter with informative information.

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