When it comes to Facebook, if you build a Business page, there’s no guarantee any clients or prospects will come. There are two main ways for building your social media following: through advertising or word-of-mouth. But there’s only one way to maintain your following: give your clients and prospects what they want.

Here are five things investors, clients, and prospects want from a financial advisor’s Facebook Business page:

1. Your Basic Business Information

When first visiting your Facebook page, many people are simply searching for some essential information. Make sure you answer their questions. Flesh out your About section and address:

  • Who you are
  • Where you’re located
  • What you offer and for whom
  • Your business hours
  • Contact information (including phone number and email)
  • Website link
  • Any additional information you’d like to share (this can include awards you’ve received, your mission statement, etc.)

Keep this information short and to the point. Your website is where you can elaborate on these items.

2. Prompt Support

Every month, more than one billion people use Facebook Messenger to send private messages to businesses, but 87% of client queries go unanswered. Don’t fall prey to the status quo. Encourage followers to ask questions and make it your mission to deliver exceptional service. If you have an assistant, this can be a great task for him or her to fulfill.

At least once a day, check your Facebook page for public posts featuring a question or a private message. This may sound extreme, but studies show that more than half of Facebook users expect a same-day response to questions and posts. You can also go into your Facebook page settings and receive notifications when you receive a private message and set up an autoresponder message.

3. Exclusive Offers

Around 35% of Facebook users like a business page to participate in contests, and 42% do so to access coupons or discounts. Like most marketing strategies, you have to offer something of value in exchange for an individual’s information and attention. While financial advisors won’t be hosting contests or offering coupons, there’s still a way to encourage a larger following through exclusive offers.

For one, you can offer a free whitepaper featuring financial planning tips to your followers, notify them first of upcoming events you’re hosting, or provide a complimentary portfolio review if they mention they found you on Facebook.

4. Engaging, Informative Content

As a financial advisor, the most important thing you can provide on your page is insightful information, whether it’s articles, videos, or images, on a regular schedule. You can link to blog posts and other articles from news sites, share quotes and statistics, and post videos and images about your firm or financial topics.

Be consistent in your posting. Ideally, you’re sharing something three times per week. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and try to engage your audience to contribute and share their thoughts.

5. A Community

For small businesses, one of the most effective ways to delight your followers is to build a tight-knit and involved community. Share photos from local events, tag people in images, and participate in your community. You aren’t restricted to sharing universal information; particularly if you work with people in your local area, post about the weather, share a photo of your favorite park where you run every weekend, or ask about local restaurant recommendations for Valentine’s Day. These are the top ways to get people to like, share, and comment on your posts.

It’s easy to give your fans and followers what they want once you understand their needs. Offer value and your followers will thank you with their loyalty and referrals.