Women financial advisors represent just 15% to 20% of all advisors, and among women advisors of color, the numbers are even worse. In this panel webinar, we’ll discuss reasons behind the lack of representation, share ideas for how the industry can work to better diversify, and discuss why gender equality isn’t just ethically right – but also how it impacts your bottom line.

We’ve brought together a rockstar panel of thought leaders in the financial services space to discuss their experiences and share advice to achieve gender equality. This interactive webinar will feature dialogue around:

  • Biggest challenges and advantages women face as advisors
  • Best advice for women to succeed as financial professionals
  • How men can support women in the industry
  • Why gender equality is good for business

Honor Women’s History Month and join us for this important conversation – no matter your gender, please enjoy this webinar replay.

Learn more about the future of women in the financial services industry in this blog post!

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