Commitment To Data Security

Financial advisors have a vested interest in earning the trust of their clients. In a survey of wealth advisory clients, the number one reason given for engaging an advisor’s services was that they were “trusted”. It ranked even higher than “good investment track record”. One major goal of your marketing strategy should be establishing a relationship of trust with your clients and prospects. Demonstrating your concern with the security of your clients’ data is a surefire way to earn their trust.

This white paper includes information on several strategies that financial advisors can use to make their online presence more secure and inspire more trust in their prospects and clients.

In this white paper you will learn all about:

  • SSL Certificates: What they are and why they are important
  • The GDPR: What it is and how you can adhere to it
  • The importance of communicating security to your prospects and clients

When it comes to dealing with a person’s finances, their concern over security is more than understandable. By adhering to security best practices in their marketing, advisors remove any friction that might arise from concerns over cybersecurity and clear the way to engagement for a greater number of potential clients.

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