A guest blog by Derrick Girard

Understanding the changes in the way people communicate today is as simple as What, Why and How.

What is changing and how do I keep up? Every day, you wake up, go to work, and interact with your clients the best way you know; however, technology continues to move the needle on what’s possible, and more importantly, what’s expected. 

Not that long ago, financial professionals interacted with their clients face to face, using phone calls, and yes, even through the mail. Now, it’s web conferences, text messages, and social media.

Why should I pay attention to these changes? A business that evolves is a business that grows; a stagnant business, will get left behind. Financial professionals deal with a lot these days and try to make sense of a world that often is the void of logic. This is even more challenging when you mix in the myriad of emotions felt by clients. Emotions can be the driver to many financial decisions and most of these are made very quickly. 

Relying on traditional communication methods, such as emails and phone calls, can result in delays in important conversations. These delays can lead to poor decisions that are made in haste and clients expect open and quicker communication. If you are not offering this, you may lose clients.

How do I make sure I’m doing it right? There is a lot to know and unfortunately, there are some significant ramifications of getting it wrong. Knowing what your firm, regulators and auditors are looking for can be confusing; however, finding the right solution does not have to be complicated. 

In the upcoming Communication Trends in 2021 presentation, we will discuss the regulatory elements of client communication, the trends in how people are communicating professionally and finally, what you should know to improve and increase your engagement with your clients. If you are uncertain about how to pivot your communication style and are looking for new ways to stay connected, join us for this presentation. Plus, all attendees will be eligible for 1 CFP® CE Credit. Register today and join us.

Derrick Girard is the CEO of ionlake, LLC. and the owner of DMG Financial Group. He has spent over 13 years in the financial services industry and spent 6 years in the Air Force Reserves being activated in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom.