On your search for a new website, automated campaigns, and modern marketing tools, you may be overwhelmed by all your options. Let this guide to the available financial advisor marketing providers help you determine the best marketing solution for your firm. 

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While consulting this guide, think about what your firm is looking for when it comes to a marketing solution for your business. Remember that while you might only be looking for a website today, you may want to dive into email or social media down the road. Working with a marketing solution that is easily scalable and works together seamlessly as your marketing goals evolve is key. An all-in-one solution will ensure you have a marketing system that works overtime, without having to find new partners every time you want to expand your marketing efforts.

You also want to consider which providers include inbound vs outbound marketing. Inbound marketing helps drive traffic to your website, which encourages potential prospects to get to know you and your firm, then fill out a form to stay in touch. This is ideal if you want to find new leads and prospects with whom you don’t already have a connection. The FMG Suite platform’s content, social posts, and emails always direct traffic to your website, so you can capture new leads and clients. Other tools are only outbound, meaning they use more traditional methods that may increase brand awareness, but doesn’t increase your site traffic or ability to capture new leads.

We think it is important to note where customers have access to pre-created content and campaigns, and where they are able to create custom messages. A combination of both library content and custom content will ensure you have the constant marketing presence you need while helping you establish your unique branding and voice.

Note: All information is taken directly from each financial advisor marketing solution’s website.