There are so many examples of content marketing gone well, and here Brandon Brown shares his favorite. What is Patagonia doing with their marketing that you can try as a financial advisor?

One thing that Brandon loves about Patagonia’s marketing is that not only do they promote their products, but they also share cool adventure stories that their consumers can relate to. In fact, Patagonia’s Vice President of Global Marketing, Joy Howard, says “one constant that’s always been with the brand is that the catalog has always been the core marketing vehicle, with an editorial sensibility and journalistic approach to storytelling that’s ingrained in the company.”

But what does this example have to do with financial advisors? Well, a lot. Rather than promoting specific investment vehicles, products, or even your technical expertise, focus more on what your clients want and the story they want to tell. Put yourself in their shoes and craft your marketing around relatable life events. For example, rather than framing retirement planning around “risk-reward tolerance and diversification tailored around your investment needs,” think of it more as “with our help, you will be able to live the retirement you are dreaming of, whether that is traveling the world or donating to your favorite charity.” The second example makes your services much more tangible.