We get it, content marketing is hard! From brainstorming topics to writing a piece to promoting it throughout various channels, content marketing can take a lot of time and energy. And for a financial advisor who might not be a natural content-creator, it can seem a little overwhelming. But what if we told you there are ways to produce more content with a little less effort? In this Marketing Tip, Brandon and Marina share some of their favorite writing exercises to help break pieces of content into more usable pieces.

When writing a blog post, your piece may naturally have breaking points that can be examined and reworked for a brand new piece. For example, if you are writing a piece about retirement planning, you may find that your blog shifts from pre-retirement planning to living in retirement. With a little effort and creativity, you can break this piece into two, or even three, blog posts by finding the natural breaking point. Ask yourself these questions to figure out how many viable pieces you actually have:

  • Can I break this piece out?
  • If so, where is that breaking point?
  • If I were to break this piece into another blog post, would both still be useful?

These questions will help you decide if your writing is worth fractioning out, or if it will serve itself better as a standalone blog.

Another great trick when getting the most out of your content marketing is to repurpose your content into different types of assets. A traditional blog post can easily become a series of social media posts, an infographic, a video, or a white paper. If you have the chance to put in a little extra work to reinvent your content, the possibilities are endless!