6 Ways the DoL Fiduciary Rule Will Impact Your Marketing

The Department of Labor’s Fiduciary Rule is a major change in the industry and we can be sure you’ve heard the term bounce around here and there throughout the past year. But what exactly does this ruling mean for your marketing?

Making sure your marketing meets your methodology is key to embracing these changes and making them work for you. 

This guide reviews the six areas of your marketing the ruling will affect, and share how you can make simple updates to reflect these changes, including:

  • Ensuring your recordkeeping is compliant
  • Making your fact-finding process more dynamic
  • Emphasizing your transparency in your content
  • Auditing your content to reflect the ruling’s new focus
  • Providing clients education on multiple platforms
  • Staying in frequent communication with your clients

Download the Whitepaper

Make the DoL fiduciary rule work for your marketing in the 6 most important areas.

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